You're a crab trying to build a sandcastle in the nice warm sun. But every move you make loosens the soil and makes your castle sink a little deeper.

Try and build as long as you can until the rising tides put out the sun!


Left and Right - Move / Pick up sand from pillars

Down - Pick up / place sand

Made withPICO-8


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I really love your game :)


That's very kind, thank you! Glad you liked it. ^_^


What a fun mechanic! Is there no way to restart the game other than to reset cart? I'd love to have gone back immediately into playing it.


Hey thanks! No I'm afraid resetting the cart is it hah hah. I didn't have a lot of time to work on this one, so I just bungled together what I could. Thanks for playing!

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Make it easy dude, I can't go past 6 score.

I can play this game for hours :)

Too addicting!!! 5 Star from me. 


Heh yeah that's fair. I didn't have enough time to really balance anything, so the difficulty definitely needs a tweak, along with... everything hah hah. Thanks for playing!